For the majority of my restless youth, I always dreamed of leaving.

I was determined to launch myself the hell out of my hometown and into new places, towards different and “better” things.

Well, I did that.

I went off to university at UC Berkeley and earned two Bachelor’s Degrees. I lived up in the rural Pacific Northwest because I wanted to be away from city life. Then I missed city life and spent five years in the heart of Los Angeles, working stimulating, breakneck jobs in entertainment and advertising. I’ve always managed to excel wherever I’ve been, but much to my eventual surprise, I realized that I’ve always felt happiest and most content whenever I come back – whenever I come home – to the suburbs of Ventura County.

This area means my favorite book stores and breakfast joints (First Street Family Restaurant in Simi Valley), the park where I played when I was a kid at Atherwood Elementary, my favorite Starbucks, where I studied hard for exams at Moorpark College before transferring to Cal. Then there’s my favorite raspberry martini at Paul Martin’s in Westlake, Lure in Ventura for the GREATEST seafood, the beautiful hiking trails in Wildwood, Thousand Oaks.

It took me the whole of my twenties to realize that the comfortable life and sense of community that I was always looking for –– was right back where I started.

I am thrilled to be home again, and now pursuing a career that will allow me to offer my service to the place and people I so value.

805 local for life!