According to a national survey conducted by the¬†American Pet Products Association,¬†65% of U.S. households owned a pet in 2015-16. This equates to¬†79.7 millions homes, and substantially more than half of America’s households.

So while typically most realtors would advise homeowners to diligently hide any evidence of Fido or Fluffy when showing their home for sale, there is now a viable argument that many buyers (or possibly even the majority) may be searching for a pet-friendly abode. In fact during the first open house I ever attended (a second-floor condo), I overheard one couple lamenting the fact that the steep stairs would be difficult terrain for their active but elderly pooch.

If this scenario is any indication, it would be a mistake to believe that prospective buyers don’t have their pet’s needs¬†in mind when viewing a home, the same way¬†any parent would¬†adamantly take¬†their¬†child’s best interest¬†into consideration when purchasing a new house.

Not to say that one should¬†take the mindset that¬†piles of pet hair and squeaky toys are endearing living room accents, but if there is any particularly pet-friendly aspect of your home, don’t be afraid to acknowledge it! Perhaps you might stage a tidy, cozy pet nook in your pup’s favorite spot, with your favorite¬†framed picture of your pet nearby, or ask your real estate professional to ensure buyers are aware of your home’s pet-friendly¬†features.

In a time when the majority of homebuyers may also be pet-owners, it certainly can’t hurt!