Sleeping badly blows. No one’s going to argue with that. And whether your current goals revolve around productivity in business, fitness, or just general well-being and peace-of-mind, a good night’s sleep will make a world of difference in your day.  Plus, a restful sleeping experience feels AMAZING – so do what you can to make sure your surroundings help you knock out like a baby each and every night.

1. Give yourself a view.

This may seem counter-intuitive seeing as your eyes are typically closed when you’re sleeping, but listen: Whether you have a glorious city view outside your window or a wall that features some of your favorite art, situate your bed so that you have a vantage point of your bedroom’s best features. When I’m winding down in the evening, I love having the  mounted shelves on the wall across from my bed to look at. It sounds silly, but the books and knick-knacks sitting on those shelves remind me of family, friends, and travels, and make me feel relaxed and at-home. For me, there’s no better vibe to cultivate when I’m getting ready to conk out.

2. Mood lighting.

It may be less energy efficient, but if you have bedside lamps for lighting in your room, try swapping out the bulbs for 25-watters. The dimmer lighting will help you to wind down, and you can always opt for candles instead — just make sure you remember to blow them out before you doze off!

3. Cultivate a soothing palette.

While color is of course subjective and what might be considered soothing to one person may be gross to another, generally work towards colors that are softer rather than extreme. Bold hues might be eye-catching and interesting during the day, but if you are primarily in your bedroom for the purpose of sleeping (or getting ready to sleep), go for more mellow coloring. If you need ideas, think of your favorite spa and work off their palette — whatever will feel make you feel most relaxed.

4. Consider carpeting.

If your bedroom features tile, wood, or only a very thin carpet, maybe invest in a rug. It will help mute noise and conserve warmth in the room, plus, when you get out of bed in the morning, you won’t be touching down on an ice rink. I just invested in a fantastic shaggy rug for my bedroom and it’s the best thing I could have done for my sleep routine. I’m also able to use it for extra padding for stretching and yoga before bed, and love how it feels under my feet in the morning. Also my dog is a HUGE fan of rolling around on it after his baths. Puppy-approved.