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This week, I checked out Urban Pizza in Simi Valley (on Alamo/Tapo Canyon by Cost Plus World Market) and had just about the BEST LUNCH EVER.

I’m not gonna lie, I stopped by on the pretense of snagging their “Pie of the Day” deal, which includes an 11″ pizza of the day, a refillable, all-natural soda (from the trendy Puck’s Beverage Co.), and a cup of gelato – for $7.88. How could you ever find fault with a deal that good?? There’s no way.

My pizza (Tuesday’s “Pizza of the Day” – the Angelino, with red sauce, mozzarella, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, black olives, artichoke hearts, and arugula) was BOMB. 💣 Perfectly toasty Neapolitan crust, amazing zesty sauce (yes, I just said “zesty”), melty cheese, and FRESH veggies. And with a gourmet fountain drink and a cup of refreshing chocolate gelato on the side?? Where has this place been all my life??

On top of the amazing, veggie-laden pizza I had the pleasure of shoving in my face, the staff was super friendly and attentive, and the restaurant was immaculately clean.

And not only do they have exceptionally tasty pizza. Urban Pizza also offers customizable calzones and salads, chicken wings, and a selection of beer and wine. PLUS, they are awesome enough to offer local and organic topping options!

I’m pretty sure I’ll never again crave the chain-restaurant grease of Domino’s now that I’ve found Urban Pizza. New go-to pizza place foreverrrr! 🍕🤤

Notable Offerings:
🍕 $7.88+tax for 11″ Pie of the Day (see website for schedule of daily pies) + All-natural Soda + Gelato
🍕 $8.49+tax for a 11″ Create-Your-Own Pizza w/ UNLIMITED toppings (and they offer oodles of toppings, though some premium options will cost a bit extra)
🍕 Deals on wings
🍕 Kids’ meal deals on Sundays
🍕 Gluten-free crust available
🍕 Vegan cheese available
🍕 Online ordering for delivery/pick-up
🍕 Rewards program



Simi Valley:
2916 Tapo Canyon Rd
(805) 578-8887

3835 Thousand Oaks Blvd
(805) 418-9797


Facebook: /urbanpizzala
Instagram: @urbanpizza_up
Twitter: @urbanpizza
Pinterest: /urbanpizza